Do not use chemical cleaning products on your WORKSTEAD fixtures. Take care when spraying chemicals or cleaning agents near the fixtures, as any contact could significantly alter the normal aging process of the finish.



Metal components can be cleaned using a soft, dry dust cloth. If you have purchased one of our fixtures in a living finish, such as Hewn Brass, it’s important to understand that continued patination is normal and should be expected. When moving, installing, or adjusting such fixtures, gloves should be worn to protect the finish from fingerprints which will darken over time. The cleaning pad included with your fixture can be used to remove areas of oxidation. Using gentle pressure, follow the existing grain on the surface of the Brass to buff away darkened areas. The resulting residue can be removed with a soft, dry cloth. Replacement pads can be purchased here.



Glass components can be cleaned using a dye-free, ammonia-free glass cleaner applied to a paper towel and wiped onto the glass, rather than sprayed directly onto the glass. Hand-blow glass can be extremely fragile, so care should be taken to stabilize glass shades with one hand even during light dusting.



Wooden components can be cleaned using a soft, dry dust cloth, which can be lightly dampened if necessary.



Fabric shades can be cleaned using a soft dry duster to remove natural build up of dust and particles. If fabric becomes stained use a small soft toothbrush with warm soapy water and gently scrub the affected area.