Vintage Wine Bar

Vintage Wine Bar is located in Tulsa’s Blue Dome District, directly beneath the Workstead-designed First Ward salon. Inspired by historic Tulsa’s predominant Art Deco language, we enfolded the space in tiered walls. The bar is set within a sleeve of subtly stepped planes, while a long, low banquette anchors the room’s dramatically shaped inbound wall. A walnut bar echoes both geometries, while a central wine tower points guests’ attention to the volume at the center of the room. The bar and wine tower, as well as the bar’s oak-and-glass vitrine, were commissioned from local millworker Eric Fransen, and the space is illuminated by luminaires from our Signal collection. 

In addition to crafting the interiors of Vintage, Workstead adapted the project’s forms and concepts into a comprehensive branding package that includes logoform, menus, website, and other collateral.  


Tulsa, OK




  • Interior Design
  • Branding

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