Tribeca Loft

Although perched in one of Tribeca's most beautiful historic buildings, a previous generation’s conversion of a 1,500-square-foot loft into a residence had produced a disjointed and poorly illuminated space. For the Tribeca Loft commission, Workstead created an all-new floorplan in which serene vignettes flow into one another, and which expresses the masonry-and-timber construction of the original spice warehouse. At the window wall, two sliding oak-and-glass doors demarcate a pair of bedrooms that flank the common area to maximize daylighting. Because the loft’s T-shaped floor plan creates more than 40 feet of distance between the kitchen and that window wall, Workstead designed cabinets in a zinc whose matte surface glows in the available sunshine; white oak and quartzite surfaces underscore the zinc’s intriguing character. 


Tribeca, NY