Frenchette Bakery

Frenchette Bakery occupies the lobby of the Merchant's Square Building, a neoclassical tower completed in Lower Manhattan in 1929 by Jardine, Hill & Murdock. Because the building occupies a full block between West Broadway and Church Street, its ground-floor interior evokes an arcade. Workstead’s design of artisanal baker leans into that resemblance, by comprising a series of alcoves whose eased ceilings complement the historic vaulted ceiling. The deepest alcoves accommodate Frenchette’s hot and cold preparation spaces, which are visible to passersby. Shallower nooks contain banquette seating and fold-down tables finished in mahogany planks and burnished brass fittings. Overall, the design respects the interior’s thoroughfare quality while encouraging occupants to linger along the edges of the corridor. 


Tribeca, NY