Rivertown Lodge

The sensibility of the Rivertown Lodge is rooted in the language of the Hudson Valley, with a modern, rich, and utilitarian expression of materials and forms. Workstead worked very closely with the owners on the renovation, and facilitated local and regional craftspeople to work on nearly every aspect of the construction. The result is a timeless, iconic hotel that embodies the aesthetic culture of the Hudson Valley, and engages with the dynamic village of Hudson, NY.

The hotel is situated in the heart of the Hudson Valley, in Hudson, NY. The project centers around the re-use of an existing 27-room motel built in the 1930’s. The building, a classic two-story double porch motel, was at various times used as a motel, movie theater, and even restaurant. In transforming what was always known as the ‘Warren Inn’ into the ‘Rivertown Lodge,’ the original façade has been restored, in painted white brick and custom wood and glass black-painted windows. Screens and ceiling fans have been added to all porches to activate the exterior public spaces, and exterior landscaping throughout will provide a lush threshold between the hotel proper and the adjacent parking and buildings. The sensibility of the exterior is classic, minimal, and timeless, with a nod to the past. While much of Hudson has experienced a slow renaissance in the last few decades, the restoration and renovation of the building will create an anchor at the upper end of Warren Street, Hudson’s main and historic through-fare.


Hudson, NY




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