Prospect Park South House

The Prospect Park South House sits proudly on a 13,000sf lot in the exquisite Ditmas Park neighborhood.  The Colonial Revival home - replete with original details - was the canvas for Workstead's gut renovation.  The approach was to stitch a distinct, modern spirit throughout the home, while channeling and preserving its historic elements.  Ditmas Park is an oasis within the bustling city.  Upon setting foot in the neighborhood, old growth trees and detached homes give the sense that there's suddenly room to breath.  The design honors this sense of expanse, while playing off the whimsy of the home's original character.  Substantial plaster coves, stained glass windows and casing, fireplaces, and mantels were preserved to support a meandering floor plan that lends itself to the architecture's stately identity.


Brooklyn, NY




  • Interior Design