PMC Headquarters

WORKSTEAD was approached by PMC, a company specializing in Commercial Interiors, as they began to envision their new headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina. They had a strong desire to create an experience that blended commercial, residential, and hospitality alongside their wide range of commercial product offerings. Their motto - to create spaces that work as hard as the people in them - spoke to our ethos, and their interest in hospitality provided an opportunity to push conventional workplace design. 

Rather than adopting an open concept floor plan, we designed an interplay of rooms and portals that offer varying levels of privacy and community. Atriums were used as an organizational element, and a place to gather and be bathed in natural light. We utilized light fixtures from our LODGE collection to bring a warm and intimate scale to the bar, library, and workspaces. Utilizing a tactile palette alongside a distinctly intimate and classical floorpan, the project at large reflects a work environment that is one-part residence and one-part office, alongside amenities that a great hotel might offer. The result is a new type of office, reflective of our desire for reinvention at every turn.


Raleigh, NC




  • Interior Design