Henrietta’s is located in the heart of Charleston and sits within a 1960’s federal office building recently converted into a world class hotel. Our concept for the entire project as well as the restaurant was to explore the idea of Southern Modernism. To us this meant being respectful of the building typology which is monolithic and modern and to draw inspiration from the city that surrounded us by using warm climate materials, textures and colors to infuse a sense of familiarity for visitors. Connectivity to Charleston was key as well as creating a distinct Southern (or warm climate) take on the classic French Brasserie.


The tailored wall paneling is a key feature of this space. It creates the feeling of a room within a room. It grounds the space emphasizing weight at the base and letting the rest of the room soar upward toward the canned ceiling and gently turning wooden fans. It also continues into the bar millwork and the pews and gives the overall illusion that you have stepped into an institution. You’re not quite sure if it is new or perhaps it was always there.


Charleston, SC




  • Interior Design