Hellbrook House


Workstead will renovate this historic Dutch stone house and barns. The renovation includes conceptual master planning and coordination with landscape designer, as well as pool design, all interior design and decorating.



Rooted in the historic materials of regional Dutch Colonial homes, this Ulster Park property aims to spark exploration of both architecture and landscape. From the exterior, outbuildings are connected through a direct line of sight and by trodden paths winding their way through the sprawling estate. From the inside, the central enfilade of the Main House suggests a clear route through the home. To see that destination without knowing how the journey will unfold is central to this project. It is also a mindset exhibited in the paintings of 19th century Hudson River School artists, known for their wild and atmospheric depictions of the area. Their tonal landscapes of distant peaks and the homesteads of the valley add to the naturally grounded palette. Cedar, stone, and plaster support period specific details in millwork, tiling, and hardware. With numerous outbuildings to investigate, this project has the opportunity to both honor and learn from history while looking forward to whatever is around the bend.


Ulster Park, NY




  • Interior Design

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