Germantown House

Upstate New York’s Germantown derives its name from the Palatine Germans who settled along this stretch of the Hudson River at the turn of the 18th century. Germantown House is an 1890 clapboard farmhouse overlooking the river, which Workstead is restoring and enlarging to to include a ground-floor kitchen and dining room. A primary bedroom suite will occupy second floor of the south-facing addition, and subtle adjustments to the historic building will improve flow and wayfinding between old and new spaces. A hand-laid stone exterior punctuated by large, precisely edged windows lends the new wing the appearance of a Palatine-era structure that has been expanded and reconceived over generations. The project amplifies the farmhouse’s status as the anchor of 14 promontory-like acres that also features outbuildings, farm facilities, and wending paths.


Germantown, NY




  • Interior Design