Fern Valley Camp

Fern Valley Camp is located in a bowl-shaped valley in the mountains above Lake Glenville near Cashiers, NC.  The current site includes a small guest cottage, surrounded by meandering brooks and an assembled landscape of boulders, grasses, trees, flowers, and woods.  The new home will be a quiet anchor to the property, lying confidently at the edge of the bowl, just before the land tilts upward towards the ridge beyond.  Our concept for the main home at Fern Valley Camp is a ramble.  Defined as 'a walk taken for pleasure, especially in the countryside,' the term encapsulates both the attitude of the home, and the form that the foundation, plan, and elevations will take.  Our concept for the home creates a sequence of connected but meandering stone plinths, that hold a series of glass and cedar-clad gabled structures.  The topography of the land graciously encourages a hierarchy of spaces set upon the stone plinths; spaces that are grand and soaring are set against spaces that are elevated and intimate.


Cashiers, NC




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